“We are the primary organization that brings the golf industry together for the purpose of creating support for golf facilities as they implement sustainable management practices.”
- Rhett Evans, CEO
Join donors from the U.S. and nearly 70 countries in ensuring golf’s long-term viability.

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Staff contacts

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  • Rhett Evans, Chief Executive Officer, 800-472-7878, ext. 5193
  • Bob Randquist, CGCS, Chief Operating Officer, 800-472-7878, ext. 3669
  • Cameron Oury, Chief Financial Officer, 800-472-7878, ext. 4402
  • Mischia Wright, Associate Director, Development, 800-472-7878, ext. 4445, fax 785-832-4448
  • Mark Johnson, Associate Director, Environmental Programs, 800-472-7878, ext. 5161
  • Katie Lomshek, Fundraising Specialist, 800-472-7878, ext. 3634

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