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Rounds 4 Research is the EIFG's latest national campaign aimed at generating resources to address that need and help to ensure golf's future.

Research focus area: Water quality

Research in this area ranges from water conservation, use efficiency, drought management and water quality protection. Projects listed below have supported university research programs to examine drought tolerant species, wetting agents, new technology and innovative water conservation practices. This research has direct influence on irrigation management programs, product selection and water use decision making for superintendents. The EIFG has supported the following projects:

Surface Water Quality Monitoring on Golf Courses in the Pacific Northwest
Eric Miltner, Ph.D.
Washington State University, Puyallup

Pesticide Runoff from Simulated Golf Turf
Mark J. Carroll, Ph.D.
University of Maryland

Removing Nitrate and Phosphate in Drain Tile Leachate
Adam Nichols and Erik Ervin, Ph.D.
Virginia Tech

Conserve Water Through Infrequent Irrigation of Bentgrass Fairways
Stephen E. McCann, Ph.D., Monsanto Co. and Bingru Huang, Ph.D.,
Rutgers University

Quantitative Analysis of 20-Plus Years of Golf Course Monitoring Studies
Stuart Z. Cohen, Ph.D., CGWP
Environmental Turf Services

Deficit Irrigation of Seashore Paspalum and Bermudagrass
Jaime B. Banuelos, M.S.; James L. Walworth, Ph.D.; Paul W. Brown, Ph.D. and David M. Kopec, Ph.D.

Water-Use Efficiency in Golf: An Economic Analysis of Colorado Golf Courses
Philip Watson, Ph.D. and Dawn Thilmany, Ph.D.
Colorado State University

Wetting agent effects on root-zone moisture distribution
Doug Karcher, Ph.D. and Mike Richardson, Ph.D.
University of Arkansas

Field-Scale Monitoring of Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products Applied to Active Golf Courses via Recycled Water
R.L. Green, Ph.D.
California State Polytechic University
M.H. Young, Ph.D.; J.L. Conkle, Ph.D.; M. McCullough, M.S.; D.A. Devitt, Ph.D.; L. Wright, M.S.; B.J. Vanderford, Ph.D. and S.A. Snyder, Ph.D.