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Rounds 4 Research is the EIFG's latest national campaign aimed at generating resources to address that need and help to ensure golf's future.

Research focus area: Insect management

Damage from insect infestations can reduce turfgrass ground cover and directly impact the environmental protection turfgrass has to offer and negatively impact playing conditions. Pests ranging from grubs to weevils and nematodes can infest the golf course turfgrass environment creating challenges for the superintendent as well as the golfer. Superintendents utilize cultural practices, like scouting for early signs of insects, and agronomic practices, like aerification and water management, in addition to chemical and biological products to control insects and damage. Superintendents rely upon university and industry research information to properly identify insects, learn innovative management techniques and select the best products for their location. The EIFG has supported the following projects:

Suppressing Sting Nematodes Using Botanical Extracts
Bert McCarty, Ph.D.
Clemson University

May or June Beetles Infesting Oklahoma Turf
Tom Royer, Ph.D.
Oklahoma State University

Geographic Distribution and Local Incidence of Invasive Crane Flies in the Northeast
Daniel Peck, Ph.D.
Clemson University

Insecticidal Control of Invasive Crane Flies in the Northeastern U.S.
Daniel Peck, Ph.D.
Clemson University

Seasonality, Development and Cultural Control of the Hunting Billbug
Eileen Buss, Ph.D.
University of Florida, Gainesville

Nematodes for Control of Annual Bluegrass Weevil
Benjamin A. McGraw, Ph.D., Patricia J. Vittum, Ph.D., Richard S. Cowles, Ph.D., Albrecht M. Koppenhofer, Ph.D.
Rutgers University

Annual Bluegrass Weevils: Distribution and Damage
Benjamin A. McGraw, Ph.D.

War of the worlds: bacteria vs. nematodes
John E. Luc, Ph.D., and William T. Crow, Ph.D.
University of Florida