Golf Course Environmental Profile

In 2006, GCSAA and the EIFG began a series of surveys on the physical features and maintenance practices of golf courses in the U.S. Known as the Golf Course Environmental Profile, the results were released from 2007-2012 and provided a baseline of information for use in the management of golf facilities but also offered an opportunity to communicate golf’s environmental efforts to the public. In fall 2014, the second phase of the Golf Course Environmental Profile will begin, with a second series of surveys being conducted and reported from 2014-2017, mirroring the previous series. The USGA will sponsor the profile in conjunction with the EIFG and support GCSAA in its efforts in the second phase. The first survey to be released in the second phase will focus on water use and conservation practices.

Second phase survey sequence:

Water Use and Conservation: Oct.1-Nov. 17, 2014
Nutrient Use and Management Practices: Spring 2015
Pest Management Practices: Fall 2015
Property Profile and Environmental Stewardship: Open now through April 29, 2016
Energy Use and Environmental Stewardship Practices: Fall 2016

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