“EIFG provides funding for turf research, real- world documentation of best management practices, and promotion of our environmental stewardship. These tools found on the website in conjunction with GCSAA staff support have been especially instrumental in our grassroots advocacy on major issues facing golf."

- Joel Jackson, CGCS Retired 
FGCSA Executive Director

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Adopt environmental stewardship practices

The golf course industry has recognized best management practices and voluntary environmental management programs specifically for environmental stewardship or for adopting a sustainable business philosophy at the golf facility. Golf course superintendents, professional golfers, club managers and others can access these to help ensure success at their facilities. Golfers and the public should learn about the practices or programs that are in place at their local golf facilities. Together then, we can commit to continuous improvement.

GCSAA provides a great place to start to learn about environmental stewardship or sustainability for the golf facility. You can review the sustainability section, best management practices and the golf course performance goals. Also, you can learn about the environmental management programs and systems available for golf. 

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Get involved in key issues

You can get involved as well. The EIFG, in conjunction with GCSAA, provides resources to make a difference at the facility level. You can track GCSAA’s efforts in all levels of government in the Legislative Action Center and find out about GCSAA’s priority issues for the year.

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Make a difference

Armed with this information, everyone can make a difference by supporting the EIFG and helping to ensure funding is available for these resources and efforts. Then you can support superintendents at their facilities by encouraging them to fund professional membership and certification, education and training, and the implementation of best management practices.