“EIFG provides funding for turf research, real- world documentation of best management practices, and promotion of our environmental stewardship. These tools found on the website in conjunction with GCSAA staff support have been especially instrumental in our grassroots advocacy on major issues facing golf."

- Joel Jackson, CGCS Retired 
FGCSA Executive Director

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Why advocacy is vital to the game

Golf has a compelling story to tell. We consider golf to provide enduring environmental, economic and social values to communities. Professionals within the game, along with enthusiasts who enjoy the game, have the responsibility to tell golf’s story so that individual businesses can prosper and the game can flourish in the future. Land use expectations, water for irrigation, managing storm water runoff, energy consumption, and nutrient and pesticide use are some of the issues that golf faces. Regulatory and legislative pressure is increasing. Yet, because golf courses are professionally managed, they can provide valuable green space within a watershed and community. These are important messages in light of these challenges.

The EIFG is working to provide funding and resources to support research, education, and environmental programs to make a positive difference at golf facilities. GCSAA continues to be a voice for the superintendent profession and the industry by telling golf’s story on a national level.

Key benefits of golf’s contributions

Economic benefits

  • Charitable dollars generated by events
  • Increased property values
  • Tax receipts
  • Employment

Environmental benefits

  • Green space
  • Wildlife habitat
  • Runoff filtration and mitigation

Social/recreational benefits

  • Leagues
  • Junior golf
  • Tournaments
  • Lessons